Lady Exquisite Exquisitely Welcomes you Home!

Rev. Andrea L. Phillips, M. Div.

         Lady Exquisite

preaches the unadulterated Word of God, attests to God's sovereignty, and professes Christ and Christ alone!  God is calling forth the gifts, skills and talents of this anointed-preacher-teacher-pastoral care specialist to serve and bless God's people.








Pink Petals



Preacher- Teacher

Her prayer is to be used as an empty vessel of honor for God's glory.  To  reach the saved, the unsaved, the churched, the unchurched, the backslidden, and the saints of the most Hight God.

Pastoral Care      Specialist

Pastoral Care Specialist

Anyone who has ever had a problem can grow spiritually and nurture their personal relationship with God from Lady Exquisite's genuine concern for the Spiritual Wellbeing of God's people


Lady Exquisite